life or get a life [līf]
pl. lives [ME < OE līf, akin to ON líf, life, Ger leib, body < IE base * leibh-, to LIVE1]
1. that property or quality of plants and animals that distinguishes them from inorganic matter or dead organisms; specif., the cellular biochemical activity or processes of an organism, characterized by the ingestion of nutrients, the storage and use of energy, the excretion of wastes, growth, reproduction, etc.
2. this activity, or the state of possessing this property [brought back to life]
3. a living being, esp. a human being [the lives lost in wars]
4. living things collectively, often of a specified kind [plant life]
5. the time a person or thing is alive or exists, or a specific portion of such time [his early life]
6. a sentence of imprisonment for the rest of one's life
7. one's manner of living [a life of ease]
8. the activities of a given time or in a given setting, and the people who take part in them [military life]
9. lives considered together as belonging to a certain class or type [high life]
a) an individual's animate existence
b) an account of this; biography
c) a specific aspect of an individual's activities [her love life]
11. the existence of the soul [eternal life]
12. something essential to the continued existence of something else [freedom of speech is the life of democracy]
13. the source of vigor or liveliness [the life of the party]
14. vigor; liveliness; animation; vivacity
15. the period of flourishing, usefulness, etc.; period during which anything lasts [fads have a short life]
16. another chance
17. Fine Arts
a) a lifelike quality or appearance
b) representation from living models [a class in life]
1. for a lifetime [a life sentence]
2. of or relating to the property of life [life processes]
3. using live models [a life class in art]
a matter of life and death
1. something whose outcome determines whether a person lives or dies
2. any extremely important matter
as large as life or as big as life
2. in actual fact; truly
bring to life
1. to bring back to consciousness
2. to make lively; animate
come to life
1. to recover consciousness
2. to become lively or animated
for dear life
to, or as if to, save one's life; with a desperate intensity
for life
1. for the duration of one's life
2. in order to save one's life
for the life of me
Informal even though my life were at stake on it; by any means: used in negative expressions
from life
from a living model
☆ not on your life
Informal by no means; certainly not
see life
to have a wide variety of social experiences
take life
to kill
take one's own life or take one's life
to commit suicide
☆ the life or the Life
Slang prostitution as a trade
☆ the life of Riley
Informal a very pleasant or luxurious way of living
to the life
like the living original; exactly
true to life
corresponding to what happens or exists in real life; true to reality

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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